Painted dresses are the dresses that are dissimilar from the others. The process for this dress is messy but a lot of fun will be there while making dress. Painting a dress is very different task to make a dress. There are many types of the patterns that can be made in the painted dresses. The process of painted dress is unique too and painted dresses can be used for regular wear.


The process is just like the others dresses but the fabric of painted dresses is different as these dresses are designed mainly for the summers. First you have to paint the fabric. After painting the fabric you have to wash it out with the soap or vinegar solution. Now, just add suede spots wherever you want on the dress as per your design. Set the shape of the spots that you are providing on the dress. Do this as per your design. Then after all the printed process completed press the cloth so that the patches should become permanent. Just make sure press it on the both sides on the dress. Then, choose the accessories that you want to up along the dress such as belts, beads or any other material that will match to your prepared dress. After all the painted dress material is completed check its mass manufacturing and also check the quality of the painted dress. Set up the required cost for the painted dress. Then the last step is make it available in the market for the customers.

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