Off-The-Shoulder Crepe

Off the shoulder-Crepe is associated with a type of Women’s dress, where the neck portion of the dress will be open without covering the shoulders, especially in the case of a dress or blouse. The design will give a sensational look, without straps, collar or embellishments and offers a very romantic appearance. Crepe fabrics that use to make off the shoulder dress are Off-the-shoulder Crepe.

Crepe is a fabric created out of wool, silk or synthetic yarns material. The fabric will be crisp in appearance, and the term crepe has a close association with mourning to express grief in a bereave function. People wear crepe dresses during such occasion, traditionally.

Today off the shoulder-crepe is very popular in the fashion industry and the design extensively using in wedding garments


History and Use of off the shoulder crepe

During the early 19th century itself, the off-the-shoulder dress became a fashion symbol. Crepe is a type of fabric which is having a wrinkled or pebbled texture, often used for blouses and dresses with a graceful drape. We can use any fabric to make the crepe, and the fabric can be thin and sheer, subtle and opaque, or even heavy.

There are different varieties of crepe fabric. Among these varieties Crepe de chine, manufacturing from silk is the most luxurious fabric. It is light in weight and uses highly twisted yarns in the weft and silk yarns in the warp for the manufacturing.

The leading exporters of crepe de chine are Asian countries like India, Korea, Thailand, and China. The luxury cloth designers from the western countries like the lingerie makers and wedding dress designers mostly use high-quality crepe fabric imported from these Asian countries.


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