Nylon is a thermoplastic, silk-like fabric that was invented on February 28, 1935, at the Dupont Experimental Station by Wallace Carothers. Its first use was in the manufacture of toothbrush bristles.


During the early times, nylon was intended to be a synthetic alternative for silk during the World War II when the latter became scarce. It was used to replace silk in the production of different types of military garments and accessories including flak vests, parachutes and even, military vehicle tires. But in 1939, it was introduced as a clothing fabric in the New York’s World Fair. After that, it became the main fabric in the production of women’s stockings.

Just like spandex, nylon also has amazing elastic capabilities, making it one of the best fabrics for apparel purposes. This means that this fabric can be stretched a few times its original length but it can return to its original size and shape afterward. This is why this fabric has outstanding performance in the hosiery department. In addition to that, this fabric has unparalleled resilience as it can be able to retain its smooth appearance and wrinkles can be easily removed. More than that, nylon is non-absorbent and can dry out quickly and that is why garments made out of this fabric are considered to be easy care and low maintenance clothing.


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