Metallic Floral-Jacquard

Jacquard is a kind of fabric created by a type of weaving where it allows the raising of independent threads to create a textured pattern. This kind of Jacquard weaving imparts adaptability and diversity to the weaving process. The name of the fabric got its named after their creator Joseph Marie Jacquard.

In jacquard, the design has already fed on the loom by using special loom equipment to weave the fabric with the programmed or pre-designed fabric. The term does not refer to any particular design of the loom, but it relates to the mechanism employed to deliver the pattern automatically while weaving. For creating metallic floral Jacquard fabric, the loom will have the floral design already fed in the loom with metallic yarns.


Origin and Making:

Before centuries, a process of draw-loom was in use to weave Jacquard, which was good to use for only simpler patterns. The entire scenario changed after the invention of Jacquard, which uses punch cards for varying patterns. To give a final touch for the fabric, it will undergo several punching processes. Over a period, larger capacity machines introduced which made the punching process to the minimum repetition. After the invention of Jacquard fabrication, there was a significant amount of progression in product and quality.

Present state of affairs:

With a growth of technological advancement, the Jacquard fabric is now woven using automated process, which does not use punched cards. The threading of yarns in the Jacquard loom is a tiresome process, but the computerized process ensures less time consuming and quality of assurance. There are many types of Jacquard fabrics like Brocade, Damask & Matelasse. The most enchanting Metallic Floral Jacquard is impressive in its look.


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