Metallic Embroidery

Embroidery works crafted by using metallic coated yarns or threads on any fabrics are metallic embroidery. It is a handicraft work by using metal or plastic needles to create exquisite embroidery works. The yarns or threads using for metallic embroidery works will be metal coated. In embroidery term, the words ‘Metal’ and ‘Metallic’ have a different meaning as such. To ensure the real metal, the percentage of the thread must be either a metal or a metal compound. The real metal threads are rare and costly hence metallic threads replace the former, which is economical and feasible.

Metallic thread adds sparkling creativity for the trendy fashion. Metallic threads used in this type of embroidery are thinner than rayon or polyester and has elongated core. It makes it a little ticklish to work on it. Metallic thread work renders incredible creative option for today’s contemporary embroiderer.


Historical development:

On olden days, needle workers from Egypt, China, and Europe made use of multiple fibers in their embroideries to enrich the contrast in the design.

In ancient times, metal threads created from hammered thin golden foil by stripe cutting. The method of making hammered foil has the reference in Bible passage, which is a shred of evidence to confirm the ancient technology of foil making. The Egyptian goldsmiths by the 5th Millennium B.C were also able to produce narrow strips used in textiles. There is historical evidence to confirm the use of metal embroidery works during the late Roman period.

Both metal and metallic embroidery works offer enormous creativity in today fashion options. Every embroidery designs are bold and beautiful, stands time immemorial. The influence of metallic embroidery could be seen almost every type of the fashion clothes and accessories.


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