The mermaid silhouette, a dress of unique style gives gorgeous looks to confident ladies, who love to flaunt feminine curves.


The stitching of mermaid silhouette dress is done in a way such that the dress flows in length from chest to knee, and then the tail part flares out. Resultant, the overall look of dress gives a glamorous fairy appearance. This type of shape suits best to females having slender look irrespective of their height. It enhances look of both tall and short figures.

The dramatic style of dress gives convenience to wear it from neckline or above shoulders leaving options to lady to expose off her skin as per her desire. The dress suits well for a sexy elegance look as well as high neckline combined with good pair of sleeves gives simple yet eye catching look. Many times dress has done wonders with deep neckline for celebrities flaunting cleavage.

As the stitching style of dress is sticky, which is done to flaunt body curves, .The style can bring embracement as it can draw unwanted attention towards inner wear linings. The dress styling are much influenced by cutting of lower part of dress which can be designed to flare out from different lengths as just slightly above knees that is by increasing flare cloth, or from the knee or from height below the knee. This dress can do wonders in styling. When worn properly this can give illusion of curves on straight body, but never go for it with a doughty in mind especially on big day as this type of fitting restricts freedom of movement to an extent.


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