Lyocell is a type of rayon fabric, and it is produced by deriving cellulose fiber from dissolving pulp through the process called dry jet-wet spinning. It was developed by the team at the American Enka fibers facility in the year 1972. It is considered to be one of the eco-friendly fabrics in the market today. This natural, man-made fiber is 100% biodegradable.


The fabric offers plenty of advantages including high absorbency, moisture absorbency, anti-bacterial properties, durability, and versatility. In addition to that, it is also soft, lightweight and breathable making it a popular choice in the fashion industry. However, its biggest downside is its high price. Despite this, it is widely used in everyday fabrics and apparel. It is usually in combination with other types of material in creating different types of clothing including Chino, towel, denim and much more.

During the initial washing, the fabric will shrink about %3 but for the succeeding washings, it will be able to retain its size.

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