Leopard print is one of the several types of Animal Prints used in clothing styles wherein the fabric looks like an animal’s skin or its fur. Zebra prints, Cheetah prints, Giraffe prints, Jaguar Prints, and Tiger prints are other popularly used animal prints. Prints can be small or enlarged, partly done or cover the entire fabric. In addition to clothes, Leopard prints are also used in fashioning a whole range of accessories like footwear, stylish belts, and handbags among others.


This style is as ancient as history for it is common knowledge that men and women from pre-historic times wore animal hides. This trend has literally survived centuries and continues to remain popular even today.

Leopard prints make a bold style statement and well suited for women with flattering body types. Women can sport leopard print in various styles be it dresses or jackets or coats either buttoned or zipped or just pullovers. The style has a liking among men as well. Leopard prints on vests, blazers, shirts and a variety of casual styles are in vogue in among men who don’t shy away from trying new styles.

Women with a love for Leopard prints can choose to sport this style in cool swimsuits or a chic pair of skinny jeans or even Harlem pants. Leopard Print headscarves worn on a plain dress or T-shirt completely transform the entire look and are a great way to accessorize. The variation of colors from the original prints make this style a must have.


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