Leather is a flexible and durable material which is made of animal skin. Leather is used for producing different types of goods. There are large numbers of different cottage industry to heavy industries who use to produce leather bags, shoes, belts etc made of leather. This particular material is widely used in the formation of leather bags by different brands.


Vegetable-tanned leather, Chrome-tanned leather, Aldehyde-tanned leather, Brain tanned, Formaldehyde, chamois leather, synthetic-tanned leather, Rose-tanned leather, Alum-tanned leather, Synthetic-tanned leather, Rawhide are some of the available forms of leather. Leather hand bags are in trend and are also available in different price rates. Hand bags made of leather are also durable. Different variety of leather made hand bags are available in Market. Brands are also working on this particular leather material for constructing exclusive bags.


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