The relevant material for leather panel dress is the correctly treated soft leather. After exceptional treatment, leather becomes soft, and it cut into fine panels and stitched together. The edges of the panels have to sew carefully connecting the edges without any visible seam. The sewing required skillful attention and the leather panel has to undergo even scrapping. Then the panels, combined with a double taffeta fabric to augment the durability of the dress.

Leather fabric offers many variations in men and women’s clothes and it considered as symbol toughness followed by the hard look. For men leather clothes designed to enhance the masculinity and in women to project their feminine appeal.


The usage of leather accessories and leather dresses traced back to centuries, and our ancestors had superior tannery technologies to process the leather into the required format. People were using leather jackets, pants, hats and bags since ancient history. Modern fashion industry gives a lot of attention in developing women-friendly leather dress, and they highlight many paneled leather dresses, which can accentuate their feminine features.

Artificial leather:

Along with original leather, we can find synthetic leather playing an important role clothing industry and competing with leather garments, which has stunning resemblance that of a formerly tannery processed leather. Synthetic leather uses plastic materials, and we can have many artificial types of leather such as PU leather, vegan leather, leatherette, pleather and faux leather, etc.

Leather dresses are trendy and are re-emerging in the fashion circle. Paneled leather dresses are the latest trend in women’s fashion circle as it can accentuate the look of the wearer if supported with proper accessories and gives a modern chick look.


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