Layered Tie-Dyed

Tie-dye is one of the great techniques used in the fashion industry to create designs on fabric. These designs range from standard patterns like spiral, diamond, symbols, etc. These designs created by tying a cloth in a particular pattern and then dying it with some color. That way it creates designs with the help of color on the fabric. It is easy to do and very beautiful. This technique finds extensive use in women’s casual dresses, tops, skirts, etc.


Layered tie-dyed fabric has multiple layers of it, which results in something very fashionable and cute. You can do it two different ways. First, you can stitch the multiple layers of cloth together in the desired shape and then go for tie-dye process. It can give a consistent look for the fabric.

Secondly, you can tie-dye the different layers separately and then put them together to stitch them into the desired shape. This technique might not be consistent with the look but can be very fashionable is stitched in the right way.


Earliest examples of this technique date from about 500 to 810 A.D. The designs from that time had small circles and the line made up using bright colors. Though the techniques were there in ancient times, in 1960 it has its extensive presence in the US fashion industry.


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