Layered Scalloped

One of the most loved design clothes is scallops. It curves very smoothly along the edges. A scallop is a design in which the clothes finely cut and stitched in semi-circular or crescent curve shapes on the edges.


Choice of material for scallops and layered scallops

Materials like cotton, crepe, linen, silk shantung, etc., are some of the best choices for scallops because their making needs a lot of cutting, manipulating and pressing. Always test your fabric if it is good for making scallops. Layered Scallops use more than layers of scallops stitched together. These can be of same fabric or different depending on the output that is required. It has extensive use in the fashion industry and makes the dresses look quite trendy.

You can use layered scallops very creatively to design tops, skirts or dresses. For example, there can be a use of different colored scallops. In addition, scallops made from various fabrics are using to create multiple layers of scallops. Further, a variation of space between the different layers can improve the appearance of scallops and when patterned with innovative designs can bring out the best-looking scallops.


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