Intarsia is term widely used to explain a particular knitting technique. With these techniques, multiple color and threads use to create patterns by using color blocks. It is just like the woodwork technique of the same name where different kinds of materials are inlaid in one another to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.



In this knitting technique, there is only one active color yarn of any one stitch. In the backside, the color that you want to discontinue using, you will not strand the yarn, usually how using in stranded knitting. In addition, we can see that the thread will not continue across; instead, when the color wants to change, the old yarn just left hanging and twisted with the new yarn.

Some common examples of this include large solid-color features like geometric shapes, fruits or flowers. Further, argyle socks and sweaters are common patterns created by using intarsia.

These techniques are commonly using to create sweaters and socks. Intarsia is one of the excellent methods for knitting wool/thread into winter wears. This method is extensively using in wool industry and finds extensive application in making of cardigans and sweaters. Kid’s winter clothes are mostly enjoying the Intarsia stitching patterns, to get a beautiful look. Now a day, people are using different methods, like hand knitting or machine knitting to create the intarsia patterns.


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