High Low

In terms of fashion, the expression “Silhouette” is utilized to allude to the line of a dress, or the article of clothing’s general shape. This is particularly vital while examining the cut of wedding dresses and formals, which can be utilized to significantly underline and adjust a lady’s appearance. Distinctive dress outlines are intended to compliment diverse body sorts, and to coordinate the convention level of various occasions. Seeing how they are utilized can be useful while picking the ideal dress.


High low silhouette showcase a hemline that ordinarily goes to the knees, or somewhat underneath, then continuously turns out to be longer, as it edges toward the back of the dress. The high low dress is an in vogue style, and is an awesome outline for semi-formal wedding dresses and casual wedding dresses.

A high low silhouette is a hemline that plunges at one of the sides and ascends to the most elevated point at another. A corner to corner cut hemline with decorations and unsettles at the trim makes for an extremely arousing and female style.

In spite of the fact that the inclines are brimming with deviated outlines from different planners yet the idea of high low silhouette dresses also called as asymmetrical dresses is no new and can be followed back to the time the Grecian mythologies speak to. The current developments are numerous yet the fundamental idea is the same. The whole geometry and symmetry required in the configuration of dresses test complete flexibility and split far from the inflexible lines of symmetry. The unbalanced is bohemian yet advanced. It speaks to the human craving to break free from the conventional lines that wet blanket like tedium into our lives. The asymmetry is intense, exploratory, free, tasteful and ageless.


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