Halter Neckline

Halter Neckline creates a sleeveless backless dress style popular among women. The dress is fastened behind the neck and the midriff exposing the back. The style is so versatile, which is evident from its use in dress styles like jumpsuits, swimsuits and bikini tops, maxi dresses, party and prom dresses, tops and T-shirts, and wedding gowns to name a few. The halter necklines can be plunging with a hint of cleavage or right up to the base of the neck covering the chest and collar bones. Typically, a strapless or halter bra is worn with a halter neckline dress. Halter jumpsuits and dresses make a great one-piece and are must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe.


The halter neckline is well suited for long, short, and knee-length dresses alike and the scope is immense in terms of design. The choice of fabrics in designing a halter neckline dress is unlimited and depends on the occasion and body type in mind. In jumpsuits, however, a stretchy fabric provides extra room for a perfect fit and comfortable movement.

The halter neckline has set the trend this season. The New York Fashion Week (NYFW), 2016, showcased models walking the ramp with halter neckline jumpsuits, tops, and long gowns. Grabbing a lot of attention at NYFW this year was Tommy Hilfiger’s halter neck maxi dress donned by model Gigi Hadid. In Sydney, model Nikki Phillips was spotted in a striped black and white halter neck gown at Australian Fashion week this year in May.


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