A common classic yet unique clothing pattern H-line Silhouettes is design stitched such that the dress has two clean and straight sides with low waist fussed with high bust in such a way that the design resembles English Capital letter “H” It was a common choice in past.

One of the trendy patterns, Silhouettes H-line is fusion of Silhouette concept with H-line pattern dress, which was given to fashion world by Christian Dior a famous French designer in mid-sixties. It can be a dress or skirt.


Use of Dark colours is signature identity of this pattern and it goes very well with most of the body structures and hence finds places in wardrobes of dozens of celebrities. Dress designer has to be careful while making length of a dress with respect to body structure of subject as comparatively short length dress may spoil look of dress giving it square appearance on body. A closed or V-neck goes very well with H-line dress.

H-line skirts in general gives chucky or glamorous expression H-line can be paired for casual meets. The skirts tailored to curve over hip and then narrowed towards knee are derivative of H-line called pencil skirt. The H-line dress gives impressive looks when worn with matching fair of shoes. This line of dressing generally gives casual office look yet making you look sexy and stunning.

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