Guipure Lace

Guipure Lace derives its name from a French word ‘Guipure’ that means tape. It is embroidery-designed bobbin lace, which joins the embroidery with thick threads or plaits, without any mesh or net in the background.


History and usage

One guipure lace was Genoese lace. Makers of Genoese lace found a new style of it in Malta called Maltese lace. English lace, Bedfordshire has the inspiration from Guipure lace. One other example of guipure lace is the Cluny lace that has its origin traced to France but is now spread to other lace making areas.

It finds extensive use in the fashion industry as it makes the dress looks beautiful and trendy. It is one of the widely used materials in fashion. It is commonly using around the neck of a dress, which gives it sober, yet beautiful look. It also looks amazing at the edges of a dress or a top. Today, guipure laces are an integral part of bridal dresses and using exclusively to augment its appeal.

The beauty of guipure lace is that it looks like an embroidery cloth and enhance the appearance of the garment. Nowadays dresses made up of guipure lace with a cloth lining underneath are available. Such dresse s or tops made by attaching guipure lace on same colored cloth or by stitching it on some other color fabric that looks beautiful in contrast with the lace.


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