Glitter is a collection of tiny, reflective materials with a flat shining surface. When exposed to light, the surface reflects light at different angles, giving a kaleidoscopic shining and sparkling effect. The name glitter originates from glitra, a language used by North German settled Scandinavians in 9-13 centuries.

It has been in use since ancient civilization to enhance the appearance of the fabrics and apparels. Glitter has been using in cosmetics, and leather apparels, including footwear to give a glowing look. These kinds of artworks are using lavishly in marriage functions and community celebrations, cutting across religion and tribes.

To make glitter products, stones such as galena, malachite, mica, glass and shells of insects were being in use. All these products have some sort of shining or reflecting qualities to meet the purpose of making glitter. Modern glitter is generally manufacturing by using plastic materials. The products decorated with this sparkling glitter are glitter-finished products.


History of plastic glitter:

The history of modern plastic glitter goes back to 1934, in the USA, introduced by Henry Ruchmann, a machinist. He developed a system to cut plastic sheets to give a glittering reflection. His invention open the way for research, and we have today more than 20,000 variants of glittering products. Advanced research paved the way for using titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, aluminum, iron oxide to make glitter materials. The glitters are available in different shapes and sizes.

Use of Glitter

The glitter-finished products got a wide acceptance among the people, and thus it becomes an inevitable component in the fashion industry. In fabrics, glitter-finished fabrics became a trend, and this attracts more and more people.

Glitter-finished cosmetics are very common now. Glitter-finished nail paints and other cosmetics are used to make the nail or face to come out more sparkly or shiny. The glitter-finished leather is used to manufacture sandals and boots.


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