Frill Sleeve

Frills are layered strips of fabric pleated closely to create a free wavy pattern on one edge and sewn closely on the other end. These patterns usually adorn the sleeves, necklines, and hemlines on a piece of women’s clothing such as tops, dresses and wedding gowns. The word Frills (in fashion) is often used synonymously with Ruffles, but when it comes to sleeves Frills is the word of choice. But you might come across the words ‘ruffle sleeves’ more often. Frills are a kind of ‘flounce’ which originates from the word ‘Fronce’, meaning ‘pleats’ in French.


Frill sleeves have been in vogue right from the early 16th century. In early 1990s frill sleeves were worn by supporting female dancers in a performance. Hollywood beauties also sensationalized frills in those times. The pattern has evolved ever since. Layering in sleeves adds volume and embellishment to the clothing adding a touch of style to a plain looking dress. For a casual ensemble, frill sleeves are given a minimalistic touch but when it comes to designer dresses, gowns and tops the scope for innovation is unlimited with loose frills, snug fitting frills, and more in short-length, full-length and three-quarter length sleeves. A lot of skill goes into sewing frills but with technology powering the imagination, the fashioning of frill sleeves underwent an immense makeover. From wedding gowns and evening wear, today frill sleeve have made their way into the casual and formal apparels department. The wardrobe of popular TV soap actresses portraying modern women stands testimony to this transition.


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