Floral-Print Textured Stretch

It is a term using to refer a combination of processed clothes with floral prints on a textured stretched fabric. The texture and stretch are different terms. Let us find out what is a textured stretch fabric and floral print fabric.

Texture denotes the real physical surface of the cloth. It may appear like a smooth finishing that you can feel when you touch and pass your fingers over the surface of the fabric, or it may give an uneven surface when you glide your fingers over the surface of the material. The texture also refers to the color and pattern of the fabric how it appears.

Stretch is the quality of the fabric with a stretching property, where the fabric is able to stretch 2-way or 4-way direction when you pull or stretch it. The stretching property of cloth depends on the style of knitting and fabric used.

Floral prints, crafted by weavers by using floral motifs after finishing the looming or at the time of weaving by using colored yarns.

A Floral-print textured stretch fabric will have all these three features blended and are using to make stretch wear dresses, for sports, games, exercise, gymnastic, undergarments and contemporary designer clothes.


History and evolution of textured stretch fabric:

Stretch fabrics started using for commercial purpose from 1958 onwards. Neoprene fibers had been using to produce stretch fibers, which is a synthetic rubber during the initial stage of stretch fabric production. It has excellent flexibility and temperature resistance. Followed by the introduction of stretch fabrics by using neoprene fibers, stronger and flexible elastic synthetic fibers such as spandex and elastane introduced in the market in 1962. These fibers are stronger and durable than natural elastic products. Floral print textured stretch fabrics enamor fashion designers and finding their usage in contemporary fashion trends as well as sportswear industry.

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