The fabric Fleece, also known as Polar Fleece, is a form of insulating fabric with a fuzzy surface. This fabric is made from a special kind of polyester called the PET – Polythylene Terephthalate, along with a couple of synthetic fibers.


The usage and application of fleece has been seen in the manufacture of a number of finished products like bags, sweaters, jackets, nappies, hats, throw blankets and some high quality clothing. Also, fleece is considered to be a great substitute of wool. The manufacture of Polar Fleece has been partially done with the help of recycling of the plastic bottles. This fabric is extremely light in weight and is very soft. It is easy to use, handle, wash and dry.

The innovation of Polar Fleece took place as a substitute of wool in the Malden Mills of Massachusetts in the year 1979. It was formed as a very new, sturdy fabric which is lighter in weight that could out stand wool. The fabric is light, soft and very warm, thus giving a tough phase to wool.


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