Faux Fur

Faux fur, also known as fake fur or fun fur, is a type of fabric that has been designed to simulate and imitate the appearance of a genuine animal fur. This pile fabric is developed by processing, coloring, dyeing and cutting polymeric fibers to imitate the color and texture of any types of fur. It was first introduced in the year 1929 but it only became commercially available during the 1950’s. The fashion industry found the need to look for and create an eco-friendly alternative for the real animal fur due to the protests of different animal welfare and rights organizations.


As a fake alternative, this type of fabric has various advantages and disadvantages as compared to real fur. One of its notable advantages is that being a fabric, it is easier to sew and work with than the real fur. In addition to that, it does not require cold storage as it does not easily deteriorate. However, this type of fabric has low insulating properties which mean that it does not allow the skin to breathe well. In addition to that, it does not have the ability to keep snow from melting so it is not recommended for hiking, skiing, and winter garment. But it is a great alternative for style and fashion purposes. Some of the designers who love working with fake fur include Sonia Rykiel, Stella, McCartney, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade and much more.

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