Dot-Intarsia derives from Intarsia, a knitting technique which creates colorful patterns and every colored pattern is knit separately using a different yarn.

The number, size, and shape of the pattern is left to a knitter’s imagination, there is no limit. When it comes to Dot-intarsia the pattern is limited to dots, big or small, oval or round, all over the fabric or on the sleeves, the choices are plenty. Since this is a pattern based on a knitting technique, one can see its incorporation in men’s women’s and children’s sweaters.


Also, some designers have used it in creating knitted pencil skirts, mini dresses, woven tops, and cardigans as well. This style fuses polka dots with intarsia, polka dots have always been in fashion and their blend with intarsia on woven fabrics has created a simple yet elegant style for men and women to adding an aesthetic touch to otherwise plain looking sweaters and cardigans. With simple necklines teamed with shades of black white and gray fabrics and varied dot sizes, dot intarsia is a must have in every wardrobe. Earlier polka dots were never a men’s thing in fashion, but with dot-intarsia so well incorporated in sweaters men too can sport a dotted look with style.

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