Denim is the sturdy and hard version of the cotton fabric. It is a pure cotton or cotton- polyester blend that is twill woven and yarn dyed. Production of this type of fabric is much higher than all the other types of fabric in the textile industry.


The demand for different styles of denim is quite high. Currently, we have the following type of denim in the market: elastic denim, printed denim, chambrays, stone-washed denim, multicolor denim and denim with metal and fancy yarns.

All these types of denim fabric have a place in the fashion world. The lightweight ones are used for blouses, jackets, and vests. The classic and heavier ones are commonly used for pants, skirts, and coats. It is also used in the creation of almost everything—apron, pencil cases, belts and many more. It is also commonly dyed in different colors and shades, but the most popular color that it has is black.

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