Crochet-Trimmed Floral

Crochet-trimmed floral is a type of edging or bordering on clothes and done with crochet in a floral pattern to create a strikingly beautiful crochet-trimmed floral border on a dress. This type of edging is popularly seen on necklines and hemlines of women’s shorts, rompers, tops, camis, short dresses and many more patterns. Needless to say, this is a feminine style and is widely popular among young and teenage girls. The crochet-trimmed floral pattern gives a decorative look to any dress.


Crochet is a popular handicraft with several different types of stitches used in fashioning a range of patterns, one such is floral. The crocheted pattern is produced separately and then edged to either to a previously sewn dress or sewn along with the dress. This gives the dress a unique define and finish. Crochet-trimmed floral edges are usually done in neutral colors white being the color of choice for many. There are so many variations in crochet trimmed floral patterns to choose from, such as broad or small, single or multi-layered, symmetric or asymmetric floral patterns, to name a few.

Crocheted edges are featured by designers in wedding gowns and bridal collections as well; crochet-trimmed floral bikinis are also in vogue.


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