Crepe is commonly done by a plain weave. The texture of this curly soft and flexible material may be smooth or very dangerous. The fabric is spun from all large fibers, artificial or natural. Surface textures distance from small, flat, with pebbles and moss impact; some surfaces like tree bark.

Crepe Silk is a luxury fabric with good brightness and gravel texture achieved by a high torque yarns. Silk Crepe with a beautiful drape, and is widely used to make dresses, pants, skirts, light dresses, bridal and evening Dresses.

The Mattel surface and texture of this graceful fabric reflect individual points of light, the wonderful depth of color and beautiful eye appeal adds. The expensive silk has complementary virtues of durability and excellent resistance to wrinkles. Lightweight with a beautiful curtain, choose between elegant designer silk fabrics for pants, skirts, dresses, suits and evening dresses.


In general, twisted yarns has 1200-4000 tpm (turns per meter) was used to produce woven or knitted fabrics to the crepe effect.

Thin, light, linen, crepe fabric, usually two highly distorted S and two highly twisted warp and weft yarn z alternately. Made with fiber crepe, has a grainy texture, silk georgette, feel good, and a thin. It is huge than chiffon, and is similar to silk crepe, but not as bright as smooth or crepe. Curtain is very smooth, but easily addictive very fluid drapes and falls in soft waves.


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