Chiffon is a lightweight and sheer fabric that is produced using either silk or polyester fabric. It came from a French term that means rag or cloth in English. This material is originally made using silk but in 1938, silk chiffon has become the thread of choice for chiffon. In 1958, polyester threads entered the scene, and it has become the primary material used in the production of chiffon due to its resilience and affordability. When it is made from naturally occurring fiber, chiffon can be easily dyed, but when polyester threads are used, it would require the use of specialized disperse dyes.


The light weight and sheerness of this fabric make it look elegant. Because of this, it is used in creating evening wear like gowns and dresses. Additionally, it is used as an overlay for wedding dresses. It is also employed in the manufacture of lingerie, ribbons, scarves and other types of blouses.


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