Chain-Trimmed outfit is considered as one of the best amid summers. Be it in gathering or occasions, these dresses make extraordinary considerations. In any case, it’s extremely uncommon to discover readymade splendidly suited according to necessity. Subsequently, on the off chance that you have sewing machine and bit learning, you can stitch your own within minutes.

Connecting chain to fabric requires strength presser feet. For every machine-sewing technique depicted here, use clear monofilament string, or string that matches the fabric or the chain.


The additional profound notch in the foot’s sole let’s chain go through. Ensure the chain sustains through the foot easily. Utilize a crisscross line that is somewhat more extensive than the chain.

To sew chain in circled or pointedly bended outlines, utilize a free-movement or darning foot. Ensure the presser foot suits the chain’s width and the vital crisscross line. Bring down the feed canines, and thread the chain through the foot.

Attempt back foot with substantial chains that won’t fit through a presser foot. Drop the feed canines and lower the presser foot over a connection to grapple it. Set the machine for a crisscross sufficiently wide to venture into the connection, Sew a few lines through the connection. Skirt a few connections and then rehash the sewing procedure.

All you need is a perfectly suited chain that you want to stitch and any favorite outfit. Rest will be the history! Give a try to design something unique.


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