Cashmere is a type of wool which is collected from different kinds of goats. The term cashmere is inspired by the name of a region in Pakistan, and northern India called Kashmir. This is usually considered as wool, but it exhibits a softer and finer feel than the wool which is obtained from sheep. Plus, this type of fabric offers insulation that is three times better than what sheep wool has to offer.


The yearly production of this fabric occurs during springtime as it is the molting season of the goats. The fiber is collected by combing the coat of the goat. The harvesters collect only the softest fibers of the coat to achieve a high-quality fabric. The collected fibers will then be cleaned using a machine. After cleaning, the fibers are sorted by hand based on the colors. This long and painstaking process are the reason why this fabric is expensive.

Because of its soft and fine texture, this has become a fabric of choice for coats, blankets, and scarves. It is also the perfect fabric for winter clothes because of the insulating properties that it has.


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