Canvas is one of the best durable plain-woven fabrics which are used in the formation of tents, sails, backpacks, marquees and different dresses for which sturdiness is needed. Canvas is also by different artists as a surface for painting which is stretched across a wooden frame for painting. Canvas is also one of the best materials which are used in the formation of different available fashion objects such as electronic device cases, handbags as well as shoes. It is important to note that ‘canvas’ word is specifically derived from the Old French canvas and Anglo-French canvas.


Modern canvas is made of linen or cotton. It is completely different from other cotton fabrics which are heavy for example denim. Canvas is a popular fabric for embroideries such as Berlin wool work and cross-stitch. Canvas material is also used in the formation of different dresses. Canvas made dresses are available for both men as well as women’s. There are different types of canvas such as Fire proof canvas, Dyed canvas, Printed canvas, stripe canvas, Water-resistant canvas, waxed canvas, and waterproof canvas.

Other than its usage in the formation of different dresses, it is also used in the formation of canvas canoes, canvas bags, canvas covers, coated canvas bags, canvas tent, and canvas tarpaulins.


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