As it can be assumed by the name the body corn dresses are skin tight made dresses also referred as bandages in fashion circle, along with stitching the material is generally so selected that it remains linearly sticking to body thus defining curves by highlighting them. The fabric generally used in dress is stiff. However these dresses can be made curvy using variety of materials. The dress is said to be invented by Herver Leger.


For the ladies who love to flaunt their feminine curves, the silhouette body corn dresses are a must in their wardrobes. These dresses are timeless and are staple piece of current times. The dress design was at its peak in 90’s era. Few looks of dress having trend are mid thigh length style, stretch fabric fitting dress, without sleeves, back exposed style and lots of other styles made using ropes, mesh and laces.

Though, this type dress are designed to give glamorous look with a unique flaunt of curves needed for extra appeal in variety , the dresses can cause huge concern of the lady as tightness of dress can make uneasiness making mood uncomfortable.

Depending up on individual’s choice, there is lot to play while styling patterns of this dress from different colors to vivid cuts and tight curves. While donning the dress you can play with your body proportions, if needed by adding some padding’s in order to emphasize curves more. Besides, you can also play with length of dresses flaunting glam look.


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