Bandage dresses consist of a textured glossy pattern. Bandage dress materials are very comfortable to wear. Bandage dresses are made up of complex material. The bandage dresses are designed to fit cosily and helps to shape up your body. Most of the high quality bandage dresses are made up of rayon, nylon, and also spandex. Bandage dresses are often used in the night out parties, cocktail parties or the beach or pool parties.


The process of the bandage dresses varies with size and the production of the dress. These dresses are very light weight dresses. Firstly, the material for the bandage dress is collected. Then after collecting the fabric firstly the fabric is checked by washing it out. After washing the fabric will be cut according to the size of the bandage dress. The design of the dress is decided as on the spec sheet and then all the accessories are collected which are needed for the bandage dresses. Accessories such as wider belts are mostly used for the bandage dresses. Also the digital printing on the dresses after this can also take place if you want the mixture of colours in your dress. Then these dresses are sent for sewing. After the dress is sewn it goes for ironing and for the final finishing which can give an attractive look to the dress. After the final finishing the quality control has been checked for the dress. The cost is then decided for the bandage dress and the dress is further supplied to the market.

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