Ball Gown

Silhouette Ball gown, which flaunts a most formal look is considered one of the best regal dress for formal social and white-tie occasions. This attire floats down covering body length to the floor and gives a traditional look. Although addition of new era elements in design many times gives it a modern yet classy look. Generally shoulder with cut off versions makes an appealing statement and those with deep necklines look glamour’s.


The gown fitting is such that, it trims at waist and the full bell shape goes down to the floor spreading curly, thus this ball like shape, probably the is reason the gown got its name. Fabrics right from Velvet, silk, satin and types of artificial fabric are used for gown due to complete dressiness of the gown style. The opera length gloves go very well with the dress.

Wearing of a stole or a lengthy shawl adds to the elegant look of the dress. Ball gowns are generally worn with quality jewelry to enhance rich classy look. Trimming of dress with pearls, precious gems, hand stitched embroidery and other add-on’s gives the impact of full fleshed look for a function or event.

The original style of the dress has gone through many changes because of many successful experiments with the look of gown, but all these has been always appreciated by fashion lovers.

Currently ball gowns are seen worn at most of famous events like Academy awards, high profile functions, formal royal functions and at such many occasions, these show the popularity of style.


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