Appliquéd Mesh

A procedure for appliquéing on mesh fabric incorporates strides such as making bits of applique pattern, finding a water-solvent paper or a water-solvent material on the mesh fabric, weaving the blueprint of the appliqué design on a water-dissolvable paper or a water-solvent fabric of the lattice fabric, laying bits of appliqué within the layout to weave and crease, then recoloring, water-dissolving and finishing the weaved fabric.

The specific machine tackles an issue of ineffectively stereo impact of weaving as the consequence of weaving and appliquéing on the mesh fabric at the same time. With the development, numerous progressions of weaving and appliquéing are finished at various time by utilizing one weaving machine. Different sorts of shaded strings can be utilized to weave a blueprint with a rope looped up and a few openings with various size and shape are framed within the diagram.


The appliqué can be made of the material of various shading or distinctive kind, and the material to make the bits of appliqué thicker can be set under them, so that the thickness between the bits of appliqué and the mesh fabric can be expanded, and the stereoscopic impact of projection and dejection get to be solid. By the progression of weaving the bits of appliqué on the mesh fabric utilizing a weaving machine, the edge of the bits of appliqué can be entirely secured with weaving string, disallowing the edge uncovered outside and string drawn off.

At the outcome, the mesh fabric with weaving and appliqué presents different stereo examples of various hues so it looks more esthetical than the normal appliqué weaving.


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