Appliquéd Macramé Lace

Lace dependably adds a rich touch, taking something basic and even somewhat easygoing and transforming it into something more formal. The most effortless approach to improve a top or outfit is with lace appliqués. For this, you will require a garment of clothing you wish to decorate–sometime with basic lines and strong shading works best. There are various apparel designs for a straightforward yet rich garment of clothing in the event that you wish to sew your base piece of clothing. Something else, when purchasing a base piece of clothing & consider where you would include lace.

Cut flowers, bloom groupings, and so on, from the lace fabric. In the event that you just need a couple appliqués, a yard of lace fabric will suffice. On the off chance that you expect to cover the garment of clothing in appliqués, you may require more yardages.


Sew the fabric onto your custom made lace appliqué. Pin the appliqués where you think they ought to go. Organize them on your garment of clothing until you like the general impact. Ensure every appliqué can lie level, without packing up.

As lace has openings, you ought to make a test appliqué with a scrap of fabric to ensure the gaps are not all that extensive that the fusible holding liquefies through and adheres to the Squeezing material. Spread sparkle paste over parts or the greater part of the appliqué for a glittery sheen. You can utilize a coordinating hued sparkle paste or something that will contrast–such as gold or silver. Set down slight lines and thin layers for a more formal look.


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