There is a number of processes while making a dress. Aparat dresses are the dresses that contain a different quality of fabrics. Many of the aparat dresses such as long sleeve aparat dresses, vintage aparat mini dresses, and half sleeves lace coat dresses and many such are available in the market.


Firstly, while making a dress you have to set your mind that what are the requirements for making an apparat dress. Just be more flexible and decide what to do. Then just prepare the details of the dress that you are making. Details such as measurements, the quality of fabric, and the technique of printing on the aparat dress, and prepare an image of what you are making. Now, the third step is to choose the fabrics, the dress material, and the accessories that are used to prepare the aparat dress. When the fabrics are with you then visualize the patterns once. Do not just start up with the design first, do tests with the sample and prepare a mind that whether this fabric goes up with the dress or not. When you decided to what fabric and pattern you have to choose then start preparing for the mask manufacturing. Also, there can be digital printing done on the aparat dresses. Many of the printing styles are used while making these dresses such as batik printing, any accessories were used. Then the dress is processed to mass manufacturing. The quality control is very important while manufacturing. When all the process is completed then the aparat dresses are available in the market for the customers.


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