Acetate is a man-made fiber that is used in the production of different types of garments and home furnishings. This fiber has been invented by two Swiss doctors and brothers, Henri and Camille Dreyfus during the early periods of the 20th century. Acetate came from the fibers of cotton and deconstructed wood pulp.


Some of the features of this fabric include silk-like appearance, soft and crisp feel, lovely drape abilities and minimal static cling. As compared to other types of fabric, it is resistant to water absorption and it dries faster and easier. It also remains to be colorfast even after it has been dry cleaned.

Because of its amazing drape, sheen, and colorfastness, this type of fabric has become the fabric of choice in the creation of different types of occasions and formal clothing like wedding gowns and evening gowns. In addition to that, it is also used in creating linings for different types of garments. When used in garment linings, the resulting product is often called taffeta linings. Aside from the fashion industry, this fabric also has a wide range of uses in the home industry. Some of the examples of the home textiles that are made from acetate include curtains, upholstery, bed sheet and drape.

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