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Get the Glow: How to Master TikTok’s ‘Boyfriend Blush’ for a Summer Flush


Blush has evolved from a powdery pink color to a variety of products. There are many different formulas: creams, powders and sticks. liquids also exist. methods of application. Use a brush or a sponge? What about a sponge instead? There are so many blush options that it can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the best blush routine for you, but we may have found one that works on everyone. Enter: “Boyfriend blush.”

The look is not dependent on your relationship status, despite its name. It’s TikTok’s latest trend. Think of the natural flushed look you get when you exercise or walk in cold weather. Don’t be fooled by the social media origins of this trend. It is based on classic shades and techniques.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to achieve the boyfriend blush look.

Trends are a good way to keep up with the times.

The term blush was popularized by TikToker Mallory Osses, but it is not new. I heard about this trend many years ago. In her video, she says that it was “maybe a decade” ago. The boyfriend blush trend dates back to the 1990s. It’s all about creating a natural, fresh look. Think of how your cheeks naturally flushed after a run or a sweet compliment. The boyfriend’s blush look is about a sporty, flushed appearance.

Ossess says, “When you consider boyfriend blush, think of this.” He adds a picture of young Prince Harry. “Do you notice how both of them have this flush and it goes down?” It looks young and sporty.”

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How to Get the Look

Sculpting Blush Hacks are still popular on TikTok, but boyfriend blush has a more relaxed look. It’s all about looking young and healthy. It’s not just about the shade, but also how you apply it. The blush should be placed on the apples and blended into the lower jawbone for that just-worked-out look. The blush is also applied to the temples to give a flushed look.


Osses says that “If you have an oval-shaped facial shape, boyfriend blush will definitely work for you.” The cheeks of those with oval and oblong faces are larger, so you can bring the blush down to the lower portion without reducing the size of your face. Osess uses powder in the video but any blush will do.

The boyfriend blush will make you look beautiful this summer, no matter what your relationship status is.

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