Frequently Asked Questions about Lingerie

We all know, lingerie is figure-enhancing undergarments that women usually wear. Their sole purpose is to look sexy and appealing not only to themselves, but also to their love partners. Like any other piece of clothing, pulling off lingerie has some basic etiquettes to follow. You have to take care of things like size, fit, color etc. Fashion-forward girls might have good idea about it. But there are many who feel confused about many things related to the under garments like bra or underwear. Here we have compiled some FAQ’s about lingerie to help you getting rid of any confusion.

Q:1. How do I know the perfect size of my bra?

Ans: This query could bring any woman to her wit’s end. But finding the right answer seems impossible. The availability of a wide range of sizes in different brands makes it difficult to find the perfect one for you.  In the first place, you can get assistance from the bra fitters themselves. Secondly, wear a bra, look in the mirror. What do you see?  If the bra looks perfect and feels comfy, that is very likely to be your perfect size.

Q: 2. How to care for my fortnight lingerie?

Ans: For stability and long-lasting use of your fortnight lingerie, it is highly recommended to wash it after every 1 to 3 wears. If you don’t do that, the oils released by your skin would affect the elasticity of the strap. Handwashing it is the most recommended option. Just soak it in the water with some mild washing detergent (no fabric softener) for about 5 to 10 minutes. Slightly rub it with your hands and hang it for drying.  Avoid machine washing, dry cleaning and ironing.

Q: 3. How would I know that I am wearing my perfect fit?

Ans: The gore of the bra tells you exactly about your perfect fit. The gore is the piece that rests in the center of the two cups. If it falls flat right in the mid of your chest, that means you are wearing the right fit. If the gore does not sit in the center accurately, you are very likely to be in the wrong piece.

Q: 4.  Why my bra’s bands are always riding up and the straps are always slipping down?

Ans: Because you happen to have bigger bands and smaller cups. The band rides up only when its bigger in size. That gives an awkward feeling. Prefer wearing the bras with smaller bands and bigger cups. For example, if 40C is what you have been wearing, get it replaced with 38DD or 38F. With the smaller band, the cups and straps would automatically adjust with your actual size.

Q:5. How many times should I replace my bras with the new ones?

Ans: The replacement of your bras depends on your size. If you are a plus size woman, you would have to replace it more often (6 to 9 months). For a petite or slim body, you can use them for about 18 months conveniently.

Q: 6. Can I get a perfectly fit strapless bra to wear under my off the shoulder gown?

Ans: Sure, you can. You don’t have to worry about a bra, always slipping down anymore. These strapless bras are available in different sizes and shapes. All you need to do is to try and pick your perfect size. [Read here: How to Look Great with off the Shoulder Blouse?]

Q: 7. What are the most commonly used types of bras?

Ans: Molded, padded or push up bras are the most common ones these days. They all have their own functionality. Molded bra comes with shaped-up cups that tend to form the shape of your bust accordingly. These are available in simple and decorative styles, with and without push-ups and paddings. The padded bras are best for adding volume to small-sized busts. These pads come in fixed and removable styles.

Q: 8. I want to try a thong. Is it the right choice? Would it be comfortable to wear or should I stick to the traditional underwear?

Ans: Women have been complaining about the uneasiness of the thong (its thin back). But there are many gals who find a thong more comfortable. But as a whole, a thong is best recommended to wear under a body hugging gown. It skillfully hides the panty line, that causes a lot of embarrassment for women. In my view, you should give it a try.

Q: 9. What are the best brands of period underwear?

Ans: In comfort and style the brands like Dear Kate, Luna Panties and thinx top the list of best period underwear.

Q: 10. Why can’t I put my bras in a dryer?

We always recommend to get your bras dried by hanging it in open place. Putting it in the dryer seems a handy option but it surely damages the elasticity of the bra.

Q: 11. Is it ok to sleep in a bra?

Ans. There is nothing wrong in wearing a bra while sleeping. Just make sure it’s a simple bra with soft cups. Underwire bras should never be worn while sleeping.

Q: 12. What color of bra would fit a black top?

Ans. A top with deep neckline should be paired with a black bra (glimpse of colored edges would look embarrassing). If the top is knitted or sheer, a nude bra would also look fab.

Q: 13. When to wear a fancy lace bra?

Ans. A fancy lace bra looks appealing to your own eyes. Or you can wear it when you are with your ‘someone special’. Otherwise, wearing it under casual clothing like T-shirts, casual tops, turtlenecks etc. doesn’t make any difference. But these can be a good source of adding confidence to your own personality. So, you can wear it as you like.

Q: 14. What is the most suitable type of bra to be worn with a dress with Spaghetti straps?

 Ans. The best recommendation is a strapless bra. But if you fear the slipping-down factor, you can opt for other choices like clear straps, adhesive bras or breast petals. [Read here: How to wear Ruffles with Big Breast?]

Q: 15. Being a latex intolerant, what other options do I have in bras?

Ans. There are a lot of women who can’t tolerate latex. But of course, you have got the other options. There are bras with the elastic of spandex. You can check that. Even there are some bras, with a covered (with cloth) latex.

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