Festive Nail Art Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here! From church bells ringing to Christmas tree lighting, no doubt Christmas is the most anticipated event all year round. Children and adults from all parts of the globe are geared up with their holiday costumes and house decorations. If your home and costume are all set for the merriest season of the year, then you and your nails should be ready too. Transform your dull nails into a very fascinating holiday nail art. Don’t let your nails go unnoticed with these elegant designs.

Christmas Color Combination

Green and red will always be associated with Christmas. So, why not incorporate these attractive colors in your nails? Select two colors that you can paint alternately like green and red or red and white. With the solid shade combination, it makes the whole look more elegant and adds attitude to the nail art.

Try this sophisticated green and red duo, which is way ideal for the holidays. This simple yet striking nail art can be donned in all your parties. There’s no need to compromise your style because the color combination is perfect anywhere.

Gold and red might be one of the ultimate Christmas day combos. An elegant red on the upper and shimmering gold on the lower can complete an elegant nail art. You don’t have to think of mixing other colors because even with the two color combination, you can still glam up your nails.  These colors are just perfect for each other in any other way.

But of course, there are still a lot of interesting nail art designs for the holiday. This minimalist style is ideal for those who don’t want a lot of colors, but still want the Christmas festivity in their nails.

Shimmering Snowflakes


The shimmering red base coat is apparently the perfect canvas for the snowflakes. Flecks of red glitter ultimately sets off the simple snowflake design.

To achieve a very attractive nail, you should always trim them regularly. If you’re going to a salon, then the staff would be the one to do the cleaning for you. However, if you want to clean your own, then you must have all the nail cleaning essentials and know the basic of nail art. Nail art could be pretty complicated. Keep in mind that the key to perfecting nail art is practice. First times are difficult but keep going and in time, you will surely love this skill and maybe you’ll open your own nail art salon in the future. Keep your nails clean and attractive with these tips: How to Clean your Fingernails


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Glitter blue polish and snowflake design, why not? Color blue during Christmas may always be tagged as something  cold and boring, but it’s another story when it comes to your nails. The blue shade with a touch of sophisticated snowflakes are great to accomplish a classy nail art.

Try a combination of glittering blue polish and normal white polish to pull off a sparkling effect. Christmas nights would never be cold and gloomy with this very elegant shade.

Santa Claus

Trimmed nails can really toughen your elegant look. Thus, if you’ll be attending some glamorous Christmas parties this year, then you should get a nail art that will go well with the holiday theme and your outfit. It’s not that difficult to look for holiday nail art ideas because there are a lot of selections to choose from and you can start with the well-loved Christmas character, Santa Claus.

Here are some fashion ideas for your Christmas parties: The Ultimate Guide to Most Impressive Christmas Party Dresses

Even with the minimal color combination, you can still achieve an elegant nail art perfect for the holiday season. For a more unique design, have Santa Claus’ costumes scattered all over  your nails. You don’t have to sport the same art in each nail as you can always try something unconventional.

Holiday Characters


Source: Her Image

 If you’re having a hard time choosing the right holiday character for your nails, then let’s make it easy for you. Why not try to sport all of your favorite Christmas characters like Santa Claus, Rudolf and Snowman? This design can completely pull off any holiday season look because it features some of the most adorable Christmas icons.  A mix of holiday colors will surely be a striking nail art. No doubt, you’ll catch the attention of the crowd with your gorgeous nails. Nailed it!

A little bit of creativity goes a long way. You can level up your nail by choosing some of the Christmas characters as your design. Not only that, try for a unique style like adding fascinating pieces to make the nail art more realistic. For instance, you can add cotton to complete Santa’s beard and red bead for Rudolf’s red nose.

Christmas Tree and Lights

No question, Christmas tree is one of the best representations of Christmas. Christmas tree is almost present in every home during the holidays. And to complete the festive aura, you can also polish your nails with cute Christmas tree nail art. Start by choosing a white color as your base coat, then continue with the green shade for the tree. You can add some designs in your tree and of course, don’t forget the yellow star on top.

Christmas lights look good on your Christmas tree, but it can also be a very attractive nail art for the holiday. Recreate some cute Christmas lights on your nails by using white color as your base and adding some vivid colors for the lights.

Holiday Wrappers

Look at how the white line pops against the fiery red shade. It’s completely the best portrayal of the real essence of Christmas. Christmas is the season of sharing love and giving gifts. Thus, choosing the Christmas gift design as your nail art is a great selection.

Everyone will love this subtle yet sophisticated design for the Christmas season. The thin streaks of white, creating a  gift design is a nice twist to the simple red coat. Nails accented with these adorable gift designs are the perfect accessory for the holiday season. Create a this stunning nail art by choosing simple colors: white and red. But wait, set aside some glitters for a more sparkling look. And before the year ends, check out some of the Five Trending Nail Art ideas in 2016.


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