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Travelling requires you to bring lots of your necessities to make sure you travel at ease and comfort. In order to have all your stuff with you, it is only natural to get yourself a nice travel suitcase. If you like travelling, we are pretty sure you have already seen tons of kinds of suitcases whenever you go on board! (Read more about Travel Tips Here) You must have noticed that a lot of them look the same, plus, it is also quite difficult to go stylish with the suitcase of your choice as the options available in department stores are pretty basic. Well, if you really want a luggage suitcase that suits your style and doesn’t blend in with the others, then here’s an article to get you covered!

We are going to talk about more than just being stylish here. First and foremost, in terms of choosing a great travel luggage suitcase, you need to consider several things. Consider the size, quality and material that will efficiently hold all your stuff well. These suitcases we have curated in this list provide all those. They are of top quality and therefore really sturdy. In addition to this, they come from very reputable brands that many jetsetters and globetrotters swear by! Without further ado, let’s take a look at this list of Best High Style Suitcases.

#1 – Bric’s Milano Bellagio Spinner Trunk Suitcase

 Bric’s Milano Bellagio Spinner Trunk Suitcase

Source: Pinterest

Seamless design, lightweight and durable – what’s not to love? This suitcase is definitely the one to go for a designer luggase suitcase of superior quality without spending more than a thousand dollars. It’s simply alluring with all its matching shell and interior lining with Herringbone Patterned Divider. The suitcase itself is sure to be a stunner with its simple yet chic design! Like Jessica Alba’s style here? You can see more of her looks when you go to – Jessica Alba:Dress Up like Hollywood’s Fittest and Sexiest Momma

#2 – Diane Von Furstenberg Saluti Hardside Spinner Luggage Suitcase

Diane Von Furstenberg Saluti Hardside Spinner Luggage Suitcase

Source: ELLE UK

It’s quite difficult not to love Diane Von Furstenberg’s iconic designs. We all love her clothing designs 100% and we know how her pieces have become so expressive and creative all throughout the years! If you think her magic only happens with her clothing line, you are definitely wrong. Her collection of high style travel suitcases is absolutely wow-worthy too! It features a sophisticated vintage trunk design with studded straps accentuating the lining of the suitcase itself. In addition to this, it is of superior quality – something that will never ever fail you while travelling.

#3 – Fendi Monogrammed Suitcase

Fendi Monogrammed Suitcase

Source: Fendi

How can we even move forward in this list if we are not going to mention Fendi! One of the best designer bag makers does not disappoint when it comes to sturdy and lightweight luggage suitcases. Fendi has suitcases in many different designs but if we have to recommend just one, then we prefer going for the classics. Fendi’s monogrammed suitcase which features its iconic and signature contrasting monogram logo is definitely worth your investment. It also features easy access handles to suit your preference and convenience.

#4 – Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Trolley Suitcase

Want to take it onto a whole new level? If we are talking about superior designer bags, Bottega Veneta is something that should come across your Top 5. The Intrecciato leather suitcase features very lavish details for it is crafted using the designer house’s signature Intrecciato leather. There’s no doubt that it is amazingly durable that it can most likely last from one generation to another. Definitely a luggage suitcase for jetsetters! The suitcase itself is a status symbol on its own and features a whopping price tag around $5,000.

#5 – Goyard Graphic Bourget Trolley Suitcase

Designer Edmond Goyard had claimed his own throne in the field of travel luggage suitcases since 1853. That’s enough to explain that the brand is more than just great design and top quality but also involves fashion history. Suitcases from Goyard was the official luggage brand for the Duchess of Berry and was also a travel companion to Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin and Pablo Picasso. Truly, Goyard is an exceptional travel bag brand that is quite historical in travel fashion.

#6 – Louis Vuitton Zephyr Suitcase


Louis Vuitton Zephyr Suitcase

Source: INF Photo

Love Alessandra’s look here? Check more street styles at The 30 Best Celebrity Street Style Looks of 2016.

We are pretty sure you have seen a hundred (or maybe thousands) of A-list celebrities rock their airport fashion with a Louis Vuitton luggage suitcase in one hand. Louis Vuitton is one of the fashion world’s legends and having a piece from them is just plain elegance and euphoria. The Zephyr suitcase features the designer brand’s iconic design along with traditional leather goods craftsmanship. It has a very durable material while also providing comfort in the most elegant way possible! No questions asked, if you’ve got what it takes to splurge, go for a Louis Vuitton!

#7 – MCM Visetos Wheeled Suitcase

MCM Visetos Wheeled Suitcase

Source: MCM

MCM defines the modern way of elegance and high fashion. While its design features a vintage vibe suitable for everybody, the brand has a distinct appeal to younger age brackets. MCM’s elegant Visetos luggage is crafted to perfection and is specifically designed to be resilient, lightweight and fashion-forward. For frequent travelers, this luggage suitcase is quite a gem for it has really organized and convenient interiors great for putting all your travel essentials.

#8 – Rimowa Suitcase

Rimowa Suitcase

Source: Just Jared

We swear, almost every celebrity is spotted with Rimowa luggage suitcases nowadays! Because of pur curiosity on why exactly are celebrities on a hype over it, we went to do some thorough research. Apparently the brand carries some seriously edgy and durable suitcases fit for those who travel a lot! Rimowa features luggage suitcases in aluminum or polycarbonate that come in sturdy hard shell designs.

#9 – Samsonite Hard Shell Luggage Suitcase

Samsonite Hard Shell Luggage Suitcase

Source: Samsonite

Another reputable high-end brand when it comes to travel suitcases is American brand, Samsonite. The brand has redefined modern luggage suitcases since 1941 and its edgy, durable, lightweight and very travel-friendly design had the brand skyrocket immensely. It may look like most hard shell suitcases but its signature sleek style is definitely something to really go for.

#10 – Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Floral Suitcase

Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Floral Suitcase

Source: Ted Baker

If you are that lady traveler who loves all things sweet and cute – then Ted Baker’s Sugar Sweet Floral Suitcase will feel like it is custom-made for you! The London-based designer brand makes really exquisite bags so it’s actually not surprising that they nail their luggage suitcase collection too. It’s very unique as it features a very soft hue and intricate feminine design. It also features spacious compartments and metallic detailing that you’ll find very stylish and comfortable for travel!

If you do love travelling, then why not go for the best travel companion, right? You don’t need to worry about losing your suitcase for it stands out! In addition to that, you get top quality suitcase to make sure you are travelling at ease with all your stuff perfectly locked and safe in your sturdy high style suitcase. A high style fashion luggage suitcase is undeniably a must-have for a luxurious getaway!

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