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5 Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer

Sands on toes, salt in hair, summer breeze on skin— oh summer, we’ve been waiting for you! Well, summer is definitely one of the most anticipated seasons, where the sun is shining brightly and the wind is gushing coolly. And talking about summer, bikinis and tankinis will always be the well-loved summer essentials, as well as sunglasses and sarongs. And to complete your summer nitty-gritties, you should never forget the beach hats. Yes, beach or sun hats must be included in your summer wardrobe capsule. If you’re not quite sure about what to bring on your next travel destination, we’ve itemized some of the hats you can wear during summer. Are you ready to slay your next travel trip with these fashionable sun hats?

1. Floppy Hat

Though floppy hats or sometimes called as wide-brimmed hats are associated with elegance and superior aristocrats, these hats are also great for a stylish beach OOTD. The refinement of this large head accessory will not just bring style, but also protection to your facial features. It is the ideal piece to protect you from the harmful UV rays or even mask a bad hair day.

If you want a more sophisticated style, you may want to venture the Fascinating World of Royal Hats.

The great thing about these floppy hats is its practicality. Who says you can just wear them during summer? Pair your favorite denim jumpsuit or crop top & black skinny combo with a floppy hat. And if you want more sophistication, then opt for a maxi dress and put on your sassy floppy hat.

2. Fedora Hat

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Well, the over-sized fedora hats will always be linked with Pharell Williams. Who would forget his Viviene Westhood Mountain hat? It seems that those giant hats were totally meant for him. But if you don’t have the enough confidence to pull off such oozing style, then you can go for the simple yet stylish fedora hats. There are downright several ways to look stylish even with the average-sized fedoras.

Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer fedora 2

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Take this style inspiration by pairing your off-the-shoulder top with some cropped shorts and white fedora hat. This laid-back ensemble is absolutely perfect for a casual day out at the beach. Don’t forget your handy sunglasses!

Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer fedora 3

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As always, fedora hats radiate an epiphany of casual and cool style, in any season. They are one of the perfect pieces to let you hide from Mr. Sun, while elevating your simple ensemble into something worth the second look. Set off your white tee with a patterned skirt and blue fedora hat. The overall look will certainly channel your inner chicness with a touch of coolness.

3. Fringe Hat

On the hunt for a distinctive summer hat? You can try these fringe hats— fancy and fashionable at the same time. Fringe hats look charming with almost all types of outfits, and the answer is quite obvious— this chic headwear is definitely a great fashion piece you can wear on your summer escapades.

Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer fringe 2

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If you love wide-brimmed hats, then you’ll certainly fall in love with this over-sized fringe hat that gives enough protection from the sun without looking sluggish. Pair your sexy two-piece or an embroidered maxi dress with a large white fringe hat. Indeed, your overall look will be as captivating as your beauty.

4. Panama Hat

Another popular hat during the warm summer breeze is the panama hat. Panama hats are your ultimate #hatgoals— stylish, comfy, and handy. You can pair it with anything under the sun like your white button-down tucked in denim jeans or your white tee coupled with black short. But the most charming way to wear your panama hat is to combine it with your LBD or striped maxi dress.

A white panama hat appears great with a pink dress. This charming hair accessory absolutely sets off with the bright and vivid color, and definitely makes everything look better. Complete your  getup with some striking accessories like a patterned bag, statement earrings and fancy heels.

Fashionable Hats You Can Wear During Summer panama 3

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No matter what is in trend this year, you will never go wrong with a fedora hat. This stylish hat is not just great for summer, but all other seasons. Thus, you are not limited in pairing it with different trendy clothes. For a casual OOTD, choose a bright blue dress paired with gladiator sandals and a fedora hat. Such style ultimately exudes chicness and casualness that will create stares in the streets.

5. Boater Hat

This simple yet stylish hat is everything that you’d wish for. Boater hat got its name because of its resemblance like that of a boat. Most fashion mavens own at least one boat hat because of its texture and style, which can help them achieve a preppy and pretty look at the same time. Pick a nice summer dress and don’t forget to complete your casual look with a boater hat. You can definitely wear this getup on your dates or summer outings. The unique style of the hat will help you radiate a relaxing vibe to your entire outfit.

Though there are limitless fashion options for this simple straw boat hat, it is ideally paired with a patterned outfit. One distinct cloth you can brace with your hat is a striped dress. Such style creates a truly captivating look that will suit every personality. You can also opt for sexier look with your boat hat and bikini set.

Boat hat is also another favorite style in polishing a boho-inspired look. Wear a lacy top and box short. Then, complete your style with your favorite boat hat. The whole getup is definitely very casual, making it a perfect ensemble for a laid-back vacation.

Hat is not just a stylish accessory, but also a practical piece you need to bring during your travel trips, especially during summer. Styling this head accessory is not that difficult, as long as you know how to mix and match your fashion pieces. Thought there are several designs, colors, and fabric types you need to consider, don’t be afraid to play with style. If you’re not yet ready with your swimwears, check out these Gorgeous Swimsuit Ideas for Spring Break.


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