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Hello, our lovely readers! Long time no see again! We can´t believe it is already almost the end of February. But, on the other hand, it means that only a few more weeks and we can warmly welcome the spring to finally come into our lives. Everything will be blooming, the scent of new beginnings will accompany you through the day spent outside. Sun will be shining more and the day will get longer as well. Everyone will be in a better and happier mood too and sad grey days will be in the past! Valentine´s Day is already behind but we, women, do not have to be sad at all. It is gonna be our fete soon too! And since we are talking about Women´s Day, we would like to share with you our presale collection which you can already browse and buy from. New clothing items to welcome the upcoming spring are a great idea to make yourself happy on this day too. When you are a newbie here, you can also get a 10% OFF of your FIRST order on Stylewe. Also, when you buy 2 items, you will get a 50% OFF of the 3rd item! Is it not just a great deal?! Let´s take a look at what you can actually find in our presale Women´s Day fashion collection together, shall we?

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Violet Silk Blouse Without Sleeves

The first item we would love to show you is a Summer Sheath Surplice Neck Elegant Work Top by A-THENA. In a lovely violet colour it does look truly soft and delicate and it is just like made to be worn to work or to a girls´ nights out spent with your friends. Since it is a very light and neutral colour, it is easy to match with a bottom – for example, black wavy trousers. It can also make your silhouette slimmer and more feminine thanks to a bow tied at the end. Up-do hair is the best option to wear together with this top in case you do not mind and is brave enough to have your cleavage a bit revealed 🙂

Source: StyleWe

Violet One-Piece Sheath Midi Dress

Let´s bring more violet items into our lives, shall we? Of course, we are kidding, but if you are fond of this romantic and innocent colour, you will surely like our next pick which is a Surplice Neck Sheath Elegant Midi Dress made, again, by A-THENA. In reality, it is more like a dusty purple colour, that seems a bit vintage-like too. Even the shape of the mentioned dress gives off a few retro vibes. It is a midi length one so it is a good option for those who are a bit taller since it may deform your figure a bit in other cases. Also, it does have mid sleeves. A visible brooch is a good way how to make it more interesting and elegant.

In case you do not like wearing brooches, a pearled necklace or a bracelet can make a huge difference too! Accessories like shoes and bags are good to pick in a beige, white or light pink and black colour since it will make a really pretty contrast and look like you have actually put a huge effort in wearing this dress with other items together. This dress will boost up your confidence too! Do not be afraid of slightly business-like vibes!

Source: StyleWe

Pearls Like a Statement

It has always been said that you should not buy yourself the pearls since they do not bring you joy and good vibes. But well, that goes only for the real ones. Of course, not every one of us can afford to buy themselves actually real rare pearls. Nowadays, even the fake ones look just so similar to the real ones. And there is a huge advantage of them – they are much cheaper! So in case of you have longed for some nice elegant feminine ones, we do recommend you to take a look at a Black Peter Pan Collar Beaded Pockets Elegant Coat by At.$$ which is literally COVERED in them. Since it is still cold and chilly outside, it is a good way how to refresh your wardrobe with something spring-like but thick enough to still keep you warm.

Source: StyleWe

Be Your Own Day to Day Princess

If you do not have anyone else to make you feel like a princess, do not be sad. You should be independent and make yourself feel like a princess yourself! You do not need anyone else to tell you whether you are her or not. If you feel like being here, it is the most important thing that matters! For this purpose, you can choose our See-through Look Mesh Prom Elegant Maxi Dress made by A-THENA. It is composed of two main parts – snowy white long princessy like a dress and an upper mesh part with the dots on it that makes this dress more unique. Be a strong woman and celebrate Women´s Day 2020 as a real empowered and brave one! You can do it ~

Source: StyleWe

Delicate Apricot

The fifth pick of ours is an Apricot Sheath Date Elegant Midi Dress by MissLook for those delicate maidens out there. If you prefer the soft, light, innocent look this midi tweed-like dress is the right choice for you. The sleeves are a bit shorter, but you can freshen them with a bling bracelet of yours. A nice diamond ring will not hurt at all too. Good jewellery to match this outfit is definitely the pearls and golden pieces. The best shoes are the creamy or beige slingback heels.

We do truly hope that you like this article! In case you have some question or if you would like to share something with us, do so in the comment section below. We just love getting feedback from you. It makes us more inspired and motivated to bring you more and more articles. So please keep in touch with us ~ Also, if you would like to read more articles from our blog, we do recommend you these two → What to Wear on a First Date in case of you will have one in a near future and you are totally lost on what to put on and a Festive Makeup Inspiration that can help you create unique looks for any special occasion! With all of this said, let´s see each other in the next article, bye ~

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