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Fall for These 17 Brunch Outfits: The Ultimate Autumn Weekend Wardrobe


There’s nothing better than meeting up with your closest friends to enjoy bottomless mimosas in the crisp fall air. There is one caveat, however: fall brunch outfits take (generally speaking) more time and effort than a bathing suit and cover-up. No one will fault you for needing some help with layering clothes that are both stylish and functional after months of wearing everything easy and breezy. We can help.

As we move into the sweater season, dining outside will become more enjoyable. Ergo, your fall brunch outfit should be as weather-accommodating as it is stylish, consisting of cozy staples like oversized sweaters and knee-high boots, cardigans, flannel tops, sockets, and blanket scarves. It doesn’t need to be bulky.

To help you, we have compiled the best 17 fall brunch outfits.

A Mockneck Maxi

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A floor-length skirt with a high collarline gives the appearance of height (a great tip for petites looking to fake some height). When the forecast predicts in-between temperatures, choose a lightweight bottom that flows and wear it with a fitted top. This can be paired with a heavier piece such as a cardigan or denim jacket.

A Statement Sweater

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The word cozy, the feeling, and the goal are all synonymous with the temperature dropping. The problem is that cozy can sometimes be a little sloppy. Choose a top as comfortable as pajamas but without the look. This fall, elevated basics will be everywhere. It’s easy to stand out with a fun color or print scheme.

Try Tonal Look

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Instead of matching sets, opt for a tonal fall look. It’s easy to adhere to this aesthetic: Choose a color (any color) and combine items that are similar but not identical.

Choose Clashing Colors

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Mixing and matching colors is no exception. It’s up to you whether you want to stick to the unofficial autumn color palette. Whatever your choice of colors, remember to enjoy yourself.

Make a bold choice for your outerwear

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When you plan to dine outside, let your outerwear become the focal point of your outfit. If you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, an outerwear piece that has fringe at the hem or is made of leather will add some edge. A vibrant shrug can also be worn to bring in a splash of color.

A Matching set

Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images

A matching set is your best friend when you have “absolutely nothing to wear”. It takes all the guesswork and frustration out of putting together an outfit from scratch. Accessorize your look to suit the location.

A Fall dress

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Dresses are the perfect fall brunch outfit. The LBD in this photo is a great choice because the balloon skirt can be layered with patterned tights or fleece-lined pants.

Consider knee- or thigh-high boots if you want a more seamless and form-fitting look. They will also add warmth.

Dress Up Your Athleisure

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Athleisure, the latest trend in fashion, is not dependent on whether you will be working out before or after. A unitard is a great foundation piece. Add a bomber jacket or chunky sweater over it, along with folded crew socks, and you are ready to go.

Animal Print Anything

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Animal prints are just as eye-catching and vibrant as metallics or neons. If you want to go for a more subtle look, pick one piece that highlights your chosen pattern, whether it’s your top, bottoms, or accessory.

Fall Florals

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

We believe that flower prints shouldn’t just be reserved for spring and summer. Instead, we encourage you to incorporate them into your fall wardrobe. If you want to make the pattern feel more seasonally appropriate then opt for long sleeves and hemlines. Also, choose darker color palettes instead of pastels.

A Voluminous Skirt

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Fashion has embraced voluminous skirts, whether it’s because of the dancecore trend or Carrie Bradshaw’s return. These billowing skirts are bold and make a statement. To balance them out, pair them with a simple top like a bodysuit or a cropped jacket.

Out-of-Office Suiting

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You may be slipping out of the office to attend a business brunch, or you might just want to dress up a little for a weekend trip. A fall brunch can be the perfect occasion to wear a suit that is less buttoned up. Instead of a tailored jacket, choose an oversized one. You could also opt for a warm sweater instead of your dress shirt. With so many layers, peep-toe shoes are a better choice than booties.

A Sheer Display

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Even though the forecast calls for a chillier day, you can still experiment with transparent details. If it’s too cold, you can always add layers.

A Coat Outfit

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This season we think coat outfits will be more popular than ever, and with good reason. There’s a lot of emphasis on the elevated basics, so it is easier to put together a simple outfit with a top and bottom and then add an eclectic coat. Making your outerwear a focal point is great for outdoor dining.

A Sweater Dress

Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

This outfit is a fall classic. If brunch is casual, choose a worn-in pair of sneakers and a baseball cap. Dress up your brunch outfit with a pair of heels, a faux-leather jacket, and some statement earrings.

Underwear as Outerwear

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The trend continues to be popular, but you might wonder how undergarments could work as outerwear during the cold months. This look is one example. Try pairing a bra top or corset with chunky cardigans or sleek jackets to channel the vibe in a temperature-regulated way.

A Comfy Sweatshirt

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There are simple ways to dress up your look if your style is casual. We love the combination of a sweatshirt with a miniskirt. Remember to balance out your proportions as a too-baggy top can look sloppy. You can crop the top by tucking into your waistband or sports bra.

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