Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

The right eyewear frame can either make or break your look. It is whether your peers think you look adorably geeky with your glasses or horribly nerdy with them on! Well, we are pretty sure nobody would settle for the latter. Apparently, there are several reasons why your eyeglasses do not seem to work fashionably on your face as how you wish it should. It can either be the style, the color, or the shape that hinders you from making your second pair of eyes look stylish. The good news is that we are here to share simple tricks and tips to make sure you choose the right pair of eyewear frames that look gorgeously flattering for you. As what the title suggests, it’s all about knowing and understanding your face shape. A particular eyewear shape and style has a corresponding face shape for it to look stylish. Getting a pair that understands your face shape will help you enhance your natural facial features.

In this article, we have searched for celebrities of different face shapes, along with the rocking eyewear frame of their choice. Here are some of the A-listers flaunting their stylish eyewear frames like a boss!

1. Eyewear Frames for Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shapes aren’t very much common but it’s the face shape that easily blends into pretty much any  style of eyewear frames. Diamong face shapes have the abilty to adapt well because it doesn’t have distinctively prominent features. It usually features a longer face with noticeable but not very strong jaw line and pointed chin.

Emily Ratajkowski

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: Pinterest

Emily Ratajkowski surely looks stunning in her classic animal print round frames. Its stylish design and flattering shape perfectly enhances Emily’s features, particularly her nose, forehead and chin. While round eyeglasses frames tend to be overwhelming on the face, Emily’s choice of size perfectly fits her face shape. It didn’t cover too much of her features and the frames still managed to make her eyes pop vibrantly.

Scarlett Johansson

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: Pinterest

If you are one of those lucky girls who flaunt a diamond face shape, you can freely experiment with your choice of glass frames. As for Scarlett Johansson, she opted for a square-shaped frame with thicker rims. Her oversized eyeglasses beautifully suits her neat updo, don’t you think?

2. Eyewear Frames for Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces usually have a broader forehead and a narrower chin. The key to finding a flattering pair of eyeglass frame for your heart-shaped face is to find something that won’t make your face look too “top-heavy”. Rimless frames are ideal but since obvious frames are trending this year, you can do for something that goes on full all throughout.

Katie Holmes

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: InStyle

Katie Holmes’ thick black rims truly suits her short hairdo. In addition, makes her features more balanced by creating an illusion of having a smaller, more proportionate face shape. The thick glass frame rims drew more attention to her beautiful face without being too overpowering.

Zooey Deschanel

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: US Magazine

Zooey Deschanel looks like a total sweetheart in her classic wayfarer glasses! Apart from her fringe helping out in covering a portion of her forehead, her choice of eyeglass frame also contributed in making the look more balanced. Its dark brown color brings out the best of her blue eyes as it is not too thick nor overly dramatic. It’s quite a perfect pair to those who are looking for something more simple but stylish. Read more about Zooey Deschanel here: Emily And Zooey Deschanel Two Of The Few Celebrity Siblings That Get Along Well

3. Eyewear Frames for Long and Narrow Face Shape

A longand narrow face is also beautiful on its own. But if you want to make it look more balanced with your particular hairstyle, then you may want to consider resorting to a pair of nice frames.

Liv Tyler

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: Pinterest

Smaller rectangular frames are perfect to those who have long and narrow face shapes. it doesn’t take too much space which is great if you do not want to make your face look longer. If you are thinking about getting your next pair of rectangular glass frames, take it from Liv Tyler!

Milla Jovovich

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: Pinterest

Another perfect example of a long and narrow face shape is Milla Jovovich. We love how immensely sophisticated she looks with her rectangular specs from Armani. It definitely highlights her prominent features and enhances her cheekbones quite gorgeously!

4. Eyewear Frames for Oval Face Shape

The Oval face shape is often describe by having very prominent cheekbones but smaller forehead and chin. If you want to balance it out, here are some eyeglass frames you can try out.

Charlize Theron

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes

Source: Pinterest

Top-heavy frames are definitely a much better option for those with oval face shapes. As for Charlize Theron, she nailed her natural, no makeup look with her eyeglasses as her only accessory. It definitely gave more dimension to her face despite being barefaced.

Courtney Cox

Choosing Stylish Eyewear Frames for Different Face Shapes


Another great option for those who have oval face shapes would be butterfly frames. Courtney Cox looked simply gorgeous with her dark-colored frame that slightly wings up to the top. It balances her face shape by minimizing the look of her cheekbones in comparison with her forehead and chin.

5. Eyewear Frames for Square Face Shape

Lastly, the square face shape. We must say this is a very common face shape as it is a shape that shows many strong features such as jaw line, forehead and chin.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston looks totally glamorous with her thin-rimmed aviator glasses! Its semi-round shape and thin rims balanced out her strong features, specifically on her cheek area. It helps lengthen the face to soften her jaw’s strong lines.

Selena Gomez

If you want to look more youthful and trendy, here’s a look that you may want to take inspiration from. Selena Gomez donned oversized glass frames to emphasize her natural features.

Do you spot a celebrity that shares the same face shape as yours? We hope this article helped you out in terms of finding the right pair of eyewear frame for your face shape. These celebrities are totally nailing their geeky looks and you can surely pull off the same stylish vibe with the eyewear frame of your choice! Need tips for sunglasses? Check our post here: Picking the Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

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