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Exploring the Baroque Bob: Hairstylists Share Tips for Achieving This Voluminous Style


You may not have seen all the variations of bob hairstyles. The latest hairstyle is “Baroque Bobs”. This version is all about body and glamour (think soft, sculpted curls). Recently, Zendaya and Kelly Rowland have been sporting the bouncy style on the red carpet. We were intrigued by their love of the style.

Expert hairstylists explain how to maintain and style baroque bobs.

What is a Baroque Bobby?

The Baroque Bob is a styled bob that gives your hair a more elaborate shape. Rubenstein says that the styling is more important than just the haircut itself. Federico says that hairstyles from the [Baroque] era were very elaborate and placed a lot of emphasis on details. Federico says that this inspired cut “takes elements from the [Baroque] period, and makes them contemporary.” The cut is elaborate, heavily styled, and beautifully exaggerated.

Rubenstein explains that the Baroque above-the-shoulder bob depends on a thick line around the perimeter and may or not have layers. This style is characterized by big, bouncy curls, which are brushed out. This is why medium-density to thick-density types of hair can provide the fullness that this style relies on. Rubenstein, however, assures us that any texture will work since you’ll be blowing it out anyway.

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How To Achieve A Baroque Bob

Rubenstein says that when styling a Baroque Bob, “[your] products should lend to volume and have a touchable hold.” Federico says that regardless of hair type, this style will require several products to maintain the style.

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How To Maintain A Baroque Bob

Federico says that regular maintenance of all styles and cuts above the shoulder is essential. Federico says that haircut maintenance is always based on how quickly your hair grows.

A Baroque Bob offers a little more flexibility. Rubenstein says that this bob does not require as much maintenance as a French bob. You can grow your hair out to just above the shoulders and still maintain a Baroque style if you keep up a big, bouncy look.


Celebrities are wearing the Baroque Bob on red carpets all over. The latest version of this already popular bob is defined by its dramatic blowout style, rather than length. This look can be achieved by combining volumizing, lightweight products with a refined blowout technique. The resultant short style is elegant and chic.

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