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The Evolution of Bathing Suits Over the Years: From Wool Dresses to Bikini

Femininity, beauty, styles, fashion, curves, six-pack. Those are a few words to describe what comes into our minds when thinking about bathing suits nowadays.There are plenty of reasons why you should think about your beach wardrobe because you get to be exposed for at least one day and you certainly have to look fabulous. And feel great in your own skin.

This will guarantee you the perfect vacation, combined with the perfect attitude and it doesn’t have to be otherwise. At all.

You can choose from the sexiest to the comfiest, from modern to retro and in-between.

If you have your holiday settled, here are some Gorgeous Swimsuit Ideas for Spring Break.


Evolution of Bathing Suits

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Back to history of bathing suits

It may seem a paradox, but the development of railways constituted the basis of the evolution of bathing suits. Oh, how come? Well, it’s simple. With the big number of railways, the possibility of the humans to get to the seashore and thus to the beaches nearby grew consistently. And if the beginning of the bathing suits’ fashion was marked by puritanism, we may say that, on the way, it totally vanished. But then again, this is how bathing suits evolved and changed during the years. Here is one great piece of history right here.

The appearance of the concept of beaching and swimming

appearance of the concept of beaching and swimming

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The Sicilian Mosaics from the 3rd century show that women used to wear during those times clothing similar to modern bikinis for a workout, while the Romans were swimming naked. The style is not conservative, but daring. The Greek and Roman ladies often went naked or just wore bandeau-style tops and briefs similar to bikinis. It was a proof of lack of culture and fashion.

Later on, in the 18th century, women went to the beach in long bathing suits that covered their curves. Some ladies used to sew lead weights to ensure that the fabrics won’t ascend and thus show more skin.

Their style was much more conservative and decency was overreacted.

Modesty best describes these epics as opposed to the need for attention to details and extra-tanning of nowadays.

Very similar to the already mentioned period, in 1860, the English people weren’t allowed to get into the water without any clothes on. During that period the knitted bathing suits appeared.

In the middle of the 9th-century women started wearing bouffant shorts under vaporous dresses. This is the period during which people were acting restrictively.

The appearance of vintage and retro bathing suit

In the later 1907, the Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman appeared in one piece bathing suit, with a collar on the neck, ¾ pants, and short sleeves. She was arrested for indecent public exposure. She pleaded not guilty, saying that she couldn’t swim with so many clothes on and the judge approves her.

Later on, in 1912, another Australian swimmer, Fanny Durack, wears a similar bathing suit and wins the first Olympic medal in the history of feminine swimming contests.

During that period the concept of use of bathing suits appeared, which grew the interest of women wearing it. This is how it all started. With a pro of this product. And the need to have it and then the curiosity of more similar products.

The appearance of modern bathing suits

In 1946 the first modern Deux-pieces bathing suit is created. Its designer names it ‘bikini’, after the bikini Atoll, where numerous nuclear tests have taken place.

appearance of modern bathing suits


No model wanted to wear the ravishing creation, so the designer hired an exotic dancer from a casino in Paris, named Micheline Bernardini. She was a known celebrity for a while.

Just like the ready-to-wear sector, the bathing suit rejoices a dynamic evolution, reflecting vision about how fashion changes in time and also the need for freedom of expression, that marked attitudes and feminist moves and strengthened the role of women in society in time.

Later on, in 1957 Brigitte Bardot made the bathing suit popular at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 1966 in the American dictionary appears the expression ‘skinny dipping’, meaning to swim naked.

 appearance of modern bathing suits

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Back in the 1980s, fashion made room for a more athletic genre. We talk about a sporty style, designed in different ways, a wonderful one piece imitating Baywatch.

In the 1990s, there were two camps. Those that were pro glamor and fashion gold, stylish satin with logos and the other ones that was the minimalist, clean one. It is the Naomi Campbel type.

In 1996, in India takes place Miss World, but the bathing suit competition takes place in the Seychelles, due to local issues.

In 1999 the Miss World organizers prohibit wearing thongs.

There was an approach towards freedom of expression back then, but there were still reserved countries, that later on aligned to the overall tendency.

Non-conformism era

The 2000s-mark decade of total exposure: topless is seen with consent, the bathing suits can be approached in either way, from one piece, that is perfect for pools to a bikini with all sorts of stamps, colors and more or less daring.

Non-conformism era

Source: Trend Kid

The 2010s is based on elegance, femininity, silhouettes, modern style and outstanding appearance.

In 2011, the Barcelona authorities forbid wearing bikinis on streets that are not adjacent to beaches. The fines would go up to 300 euro.

The 2000s (and on) is the era of permissiveness and of multiple possibilities. The celebrities are a role-model and the fashion creators are true trend setters, that put their creativity to work.

As much as we would like, the evolution of the bathing suits is conjectural.

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The now and then in swimwear relies on how permissive the world was and is now. And in the taste of every person. It says a lot about the person that wears it, about her personality and about the way she likes to listen to her instinct. If you don’t really know where to go this summer, here is an article from our blog that could be helpful: 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017.

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