The Glam and Luxury of 50s: Eva Gabor

The 1950s high society scene is all about luxury, glam and lavish lifestyle. Alongside prominent public figures and famous celebrities come glamorous socialites like Eva Gabor. Eva Gabor is a well-respected public figure and is a common face in high society meetings back then. In addition to having such a high profile background, Eva is also a successful businesswoman, an actress, comedienne and singer.


Eva Gabor lived a colorful life. Her two other sisters, Zsa Zsa and Magda Gabor are also well-known socialites and actresses. In fact, the three of them are quite scene-stealers as they always come together in exclusive parties and gatherings in their flashiest and most expensive fashion pieces. In this article, we have compiled some of the best fashion pieces that Eva embraced while she’s at the peak of her fame.

Eva Gabor: The Hungarian-American Socialite

Budapest, Hungary is Eva Gabor’s birthplace and she is from a pure Jewish Hungarian family. Her family is considered pretty well-off because her parents, Vilmos Gabor and Jolie Gabor, are both jewelers.

At an early age, Eva moved to the US and this is when her Hollywood glam life all began. In the 1950s, she made several appearances in popular blockbuster films including Artists and Models and The Last Time I Saw Paris. Although her roles were minor parts, this made way for her to get noticed. She eventually got her own show called The Eva Gabor Show in 1953 but what made her fame bloom was when she starred in the American sitcom, Green Acres.

Eva Gabor’s Fashion Snippets

  • Glamour Furs and Long Gowns

Fur material has always been a signature fabric that graces high-profile figures. As Eva’s taste in fashion is luxurious, she went to show her fascination with furs. She was spotted wearing a green fur dress in her sitcom Green Acres, embellished with green silk flower bows. It perfectly matches her blonde locks in a lavish vintage updo.

Eva Gabor fashion

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Furthermore, Eva Gabor’s lifestyle truly reflects to her fashion sense. In one photo, she shows a full-length chiffon gown with soft streamlined drapes. The fit is perfect for her body figure and the color of the dress blends well with her beautiful blonde hair as well.

  • Vintage Evening Dresses
Eva Gabor fashion

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With Eva’s very delicate and feminine body figure, she often opts for corset-cut tops and plunging necklines to subtly enhance her shoulders and bust area. Prints look beautiful on her which defines her style as luxurious and fun. Her style revolves on fun prints, cuts and layers; making the classic dress very eye-catching.

Eva Gabor fashion

Source: Listal

It is also quite noticeable how Eva Gabor pairs up her accessories and clothing. She tones down her jewelry whenever she wears heavy prints. On the other hand, she also flaunts her lavish jewelry with her vintage pieces as long as she can perfectly balance the whole look – preventing her dress and accessories to be overpowering.

  • Casual Dresses

While Eva Gabor looks fascinating in heavy prints and colorful dresses, she also knows how to keep it simple and classy with her midriff dresses in plain colors. To spice the fashion coordinate up a bit, she accessorizes with bow belts, jewelries and Chanel blazers that hang loose on the shoulders. She is also quite known for her signature winged eye makeup look.

Eva Gabor fashion

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  • Long Dress in Soft Drapes
Eva Gabor fashion

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Eva Gabor knows how to play with soft drapes – whatever material and design it may be. Her long dresses flow gorgeously down to her heels and in times she wants to show a little bit of skin, she chooses long maxi dresses that feature slashed skirts. To accentuate her defined waist, Eva goes for slim belts or delicate bows to give her body better shape.

Eva Gabor fashion

Source: Listal

Dress like the Modern Eva Gabor

The key to Eva Gabor’s fashion style is her love for colors, details and maxi dresses. Heavy furs is also one of her signature looks, but of course, if you think furs are too dramatic, you can go for faux fur fabric that can make a great piece for the fall. As a socialite who frequently appears on exclusive social gatherings, Eva has always been spotted with classy long gowns and maxi dresses. If you would want to take inspiration from her, do not be afraid on experimenting with details like embroidery, prints or laces on your favorite maxi dresses!

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