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Essential Items Makeup Kit For Beginners

You’re probably reading this because you want to learn how to apply your own makeup. There is no judgement here. Whether you are in your late teens, or an adult, now is the time to learn how to do makeup. Welcome to my own (informal), makeup masterclass. I will be dividing the three major categories of makeup: the What, the How and the Where. You’ll also need to prepare your course materials before attending the course. These are the essentials for your makeup kit as a beginner.


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Primer is exactly what you think it is. It’s a product to help prepare and prime your face for makeup. Primers are often formulated with skincare ingredients, as they’re applied to the face before any makeup. Your skin type and desired effect will determine the type of primer that you use. Some primers will blur your skin while others claim to give you a radiant glow. Others grip your makeup and ensure it lasts for a long time. If you’re looking for affordable options that are still high-quality, I recommend either Elf Cosmetics Liquid Putty Primer or Elf Cosmetics Power Grip Primer.


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When I first started using makeup, foundation was the very first product I bought. It’s important to use foundation when you are building your starter makeup kit. I know that many people these days do not wear foundation. It’s foundational. It’s foundational. The type of foundation that you choose will depend on the skin type. Later in the series, I’ll go into detail about the different types of foundations available and their finishes. As of now, I recommend foundations that have medium coverage. If your skin tends to be oily, you may want to consider foundations that have a matte finish. L’Oreal True Match Foundation is a great option for beginners. It’s also affordable. As a reference, I am wearing the shade N10.


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Concealer has many uses, so you can use it in different ways. You’ll first want to master highlighting, which is a concealer technique. This technique involves brightening the areas of your face which are naturally exposed to light. No face is completely one color. It’s important to restore some dimension in your skin because foundation can make your face look one color. The concealer must be two or three shades lighter (or brighter) than the skin tone. You’ll need to blend more concealer the lighter it is. Start with a concealer shade that is not too different from your foundation. Elf Cosmetics Camo Concealer is a great concealer for beginners that’s affordable and of high quality.

Contour product

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Later we’ll talk about contouring, but know that you will need a cream that is 2 to 4 shades darker than the skin tone. The darker the contour, the more you will need to blend it to avoid looking crazy. It requires a bit more skill. Stick with a shade slightly darker than the skin tone you have. The best products for beginners to contour with are foundation sticks. These products are easier to apply and blend, as well as being more precise. I recommend Makeup Revolution Foundation stick. I use the shade F18 for my contour.

Loose Setting powder

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You’ll need to use a powder product for every cream product that you use. Setting powder can be used to mattify and blur your makeup, while increasing its longevity. To help beginners, buy travel or mini sizes of expensive setting powders. They will last a long time. These will come in handy for traveling, but they also give you the opportunity to try out different setting powders. If you’re looking for a drugstore option, I recommend The Beauty Crop Vitamin Babe setting powder or Maybelline Fit Me loose powder. Huda Beauty and One Size setting powders are high-end powders available in travel sizes.

Powder Bronzer

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Powder bronzers are my go-to product for setting contours. The key is to make sure that the bronzer is darker than your skin. Beauty Bakerie Bronzer is a great drugstore option with a wide range of shades for darker skin tones. As a reference, I use the darkest shade of this bronzer.

Powder Blush

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It’s true that blush is optional, but it can take your makeup to the next step. It’s a good idea to become familiar with blush. L’Oreal Paris Infallible blush is a great drugstore product that will give you color on dark skin.

Setting Spray

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Setting spray will ensure that your makeup lasts all day. Setting spray is more important than primer. Milani Make It last Setting Spray is a great entry-level spray that’s affordable.

This list will help you build your makeup kit as a beginner for your face. Stay tuned for future posts to address what you need for your brows, lips, and eyes.

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