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Embracing the Rustic Charm: 15 Cottagecore Outfits for Timeless Style

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Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic that has been sweeping TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms for the last two years. This fashion trend has been gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. It could be due to COVID-19’s flight to the countryside, the desire to cook sourdough from scratch, or the explosion of shows like Bridgerton. Cottagecore outfits are perhaps the best indicator of the way this aesthetic is being embraced by fashionistas. This look is visually represented as an idyllic image of a country chic wearing a puffy-sleeved dress and taking a morning stroll in their rose garden. Cottagecore is more than just a “vibe”. It’s about embracing a simpler life and style.

Cottagecore is a comforting style for many people around the world, and not only because it looks so chic. This simple way to dress was (and is still) a radical approach to finding joy in uncertain times. This was a moment of relaxation to reconnect with nature and make time for activities at home. We also became more conscious about what we ate, from food to clothing. The cottage-core trend has been around for a few years now, and although the world is a lot more open, the power of the style remains. We’ve taken a look at the definition of cottagecore, rounded up 15 adorable cottagecore outfits, and found all the pieces you need to achieve this aesthetic. After reading this article, you will only need a little cabin to call your own.

What is Cottagecore?


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Cottagecore, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is a collection of clothes, interiors and lifestyle activities that were inspired by the idea of living in a cottage. The cottagecore movement is a departure from fast-paced trends and lifestyles of the past. It favors a more deliberate approach to everyday life and dressing. Cottagecore has a whimsical romanticism, with a dash of practicality for those who live on a farm.

This is most evident in the use of Victorian-inspired pieces ( corsets, Peter Pan blouses, and puff-sleeved dresses ) and fabrics and prints from another era (lace, eyelet, toile, and flower prints). This aesthetic is about choosing pieces with beautiful details and timeless appeal. The cottagecore outfits below will make you want to head to the prairie.

Cottagecore Outfits and Key Pieces

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Cottagecore is about living a rural life, so you should also prioritize simplicity in your clothing. It’s easy to throw on a chunky set of knits or a crochet dress for a stroll outside. Knits are mandatory, shoes are optional.

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Cottagecore clothing is a mix of minimalism and Victorian details. Think of pieces with corsets, puff sleeves and floral prints. Floral dresses will make you look like you’ve stepped out of Jane Austen and into today.

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If you don’t live in a cottage you can still channel this look for your next picnic by choosing a few signature items. Pair a top that has romantic details, such as lace, bows or ruffles with a miniskirt, and add delicate jewelry to complete the look.

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Cottagecore isn’t just about frilly clothes. It’s about returning to minimalist, intentional pieces that have intricate details. To achieve the same look without the frills, pair your favorite sunglasses with a cardigan, slides and a pair of linen trousers.

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This outfit is perfect for you if you are a maximalist, rather than a minimalism. Cottagecore is all about handmade items, so what better piece to wear to honor the craft than a quilted one? A quilted item is a must, whether you choose a single coat or an entire matching set.

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The key to this look is in the details. It’s not just any white dress that will do. You want a dress with special details, such as a fitted bodice or lace, eyelet embroidery, an oversized collar and puff sleeves. Add fun accessories, such as a bucket hat with a statement or handmade jewelry, to make this basic piece unique.

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The corset-top trend is the epitome of “prairie meets Victorian”. This is the easiest way to create a cottagecore look. All you need is a corset top, jeans, and layered jewelry.

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What could be more country-ready than a pair or cowboy boots? You can still adopt this look without going too far west, however, by pairing your boots with a black puff-sleeved dress. Dress will enhance the boots and boots will give the silhouette a romantic edge. This is a look for a weekend in the country.

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When it comes to creating the perfect cottagecore look, details are key. The handmade details, such as lace appliques, an oversized collar, and embroidery, are what make a simple white blouse and denim shorts look so stunning.

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Who said that you needed to have a cabin in the woods for this look? You can explore nature in small steps, such as a picnic, or on a weekend away. Bring a woven tote bag, which is the best way to embody cottagecore and can be worn with anything from a knitted dress to a denim jumpsuit.

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If you want to pack for a trip where you will be off the grid, you should have a few pieces that combine fashion and functionality. Vintage-inspired sneakers are the answer. Wear them to walk in a floral dress, or jeans with a cute corset. You can channel the simplistic energy that you are aiming for.

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Keep it simple, whether you’re planning a picnic or a walk through the countryside. You can easily give off a “cute country girl’s” vibe by wearing sandals with a floral print top and light-washed jeans.

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You can still look stylish even if you don’t live on the country side. A simple linen set with an oversize straw cap will do wonders.

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You don’t have to be a resident of the country in order to wear jewels. It’s a must to make a white dress, or Peter Pan blouse, pop. To fully embrace the handmade look, opt for DIY-inspired items that are quirky and unique.

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If you’ve reached the end of this article, it’s time to get back to simplicity, which is the essence of the cottagecore movement. You can wear a minidress to the local bodega or to a nearby park.

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